Sitemap - Littlebourne Care Home

March News - 1st Apr 2017

<p>We are now well in to 'Spring' and all around us flowers and buds are sprouting through.&nbsp; Some of our residents have been busy in the garden planting the tubs ready for, we hope, a grand display of flowers in the summer.&nbsp;&nbsp; The 1st of March brought St David&rsquo;s day, the morning started with a Welsh quiz with questions relating to famous places in Wales and during coffee we sponsored the Daffodil Appeal on behalf of the Marie Curie charity. We celebrated with a St David&rsquo;s day lunch of lamb and leeks and then after lunch some residents looked at places of interest in Wales with our big picture book. There was for those who enjoy, a game of Bingo and for our film enthusiasts Breakfast at Tiffany's was playing at the King William.&nbsp; <br />&nbsp;The 2nd started with Life Stories, which is part of our 'This is Me' therapy.&nbsp;&nbsp; In the morning residents were asked about animals in their lives, if they had owned them, looked after them, farmed them or worked with them. Amongst our residents we have a vet and ex-policemen who worked with animals, and many residents remember pets they had or farmed. In the afternoon, we had Card Games at the King William with pub refreshment and snacks.<br />Jon Beetham had a percussion/singalong on the 3rd in the morning and in the afternoon we played the parachute game which helps with balance, coordination and arm strength. On the 4th we had a word association game which made everyone work their grey matter and in the afternoon there was a general knowledge quiz. Other residents enjoyed being at the magic table for computer interaction. We had Arts and Crafts the morning of the 7th, painting pictures of spring scenes, mainly daffodils. In the afternoon several residents went to the village hall for the 'Afternoon Club' to listen to a talk on the 18th century Battle of Bysingwood. Debbie turned up on the 8th for Pil

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